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Double-Sided Blade Sign Cabinet Archives - Giant Sign Company

BLIST’R Fresh Naan Wraps in Plano

Giant Sign was asked to fabricate and install this BLIST’R Fresh Naan Wraps signage project at the new (soon to be open) Legacy Hall in the Legacy West development in Plano. We fabricated these exposed neon channel letter and a non-lit blade sign.

Spice in the City in Dallas (Downtown)

Giant Sign was asked by another sign company in the metroplex to complete this project for them as they were shutting their doors after 70 years in the sign business.  Previously a competitor, they were confident we’d take good care of their clients.  They had been working on this particular project for a full year (this is a downtown historically recognized building requiring several committee approvals by the City of Dallas).  It was our pleasure to accept the project and to carry it across the finish line.  Spice in the City was very happy with this double-sided blade sign that we fabricated for them.  This beautiful sign featured welded aluminum frames, baseplate and routed faces (all powder-coated black) with white acrylic behind the faces.  What’s really cool about this sign is that it features dual lighting options:  static white LEDs to light the sign up white, and RGB LEDs that can be changed to a color to stay in a static mode (think pink for Valentine’s Day) as well as change between colors at different speeds via the remote control we provided with the sign.  The installation was full of challenges as the wall was a combination of concrete and brick that was 30 inches thick.  So, along with there being a vertical column that we had to miss and a horizontal I-beam that we unfortunately did not miss, the drilling alone for this through-bolted sign and electrical leads took a full 4.5 hours.  In the end, our installers were not disheartened and we completed the installation including electrical hookup by 6pm that evening.  Btw, they were kind enough to provide us lunch, which was Delicious!  Make sure to visit Spice In The City to check out them out.  They’re now much easier to find!