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Fruitealicious – Carrollton (Inside Ranch 99 Market)

Fruitealicious - Carrollton Ranch 99 Market

Fruitealicious is soon to off its “Refreshment Redefined” drinks in the new Ranch 99 Market in Carrollton (located on the Southeast corner of President George Bush Tollway and Old Denton Rd.).  A long-time customer of Giant Sign, we were able to provide a low cost sign for their new space which will be serving their famous bubble teas, smoothies and more.

The sign features a two layers of 1″ Gatorfoam, with the letters being digitally printed and routed to provide a 3D effect on top of the 1″ white backer.  We painted the sides of all the letters a darker orange that gives the letters even more pop.  Asked to provide more lighting since this space is in a darker corner of the supermarket, we fabricated lamp tracks and placed on top of the soffit below, giving them some needed light and glow.